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Magento Payment Modules by Schogini Inc.

Why should I buy modules from Schogini?

  •  Quick & Easy Module installation
  •  Free, personalized support for 6 years through all upgrades
  •  Free installation support
  •  5000+ successful module installations since the start of Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart
  •  Our modules are compatible with the latest stable versions of Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart and osCommerce
  •  All modules are Open Source!


What are customers are saying..

  • You provide some of the most responsive customer service i've ever encountered. Every email was answers within a few hours.

    - Kendra

  • The FirstData API Payment Module was very easy to install, and your tech support was incredibly fast (got back to me in ten minutes) regarding a minor problem I had with the .pem file. I wish you guys sold more Magento mods because I'd definitely give you my business.

    - Bob Simmons (Warrior Mist)

  • The Linkpoint gateway payment works perfectly with our online merchant (First Data). The module is an "install-it, forget-it" kind of deal. Once installed, you'll have no problem, or reason to give it a second thought. It just works! Has worked flawlessly for 18 months. Your quick responses to support questions are TRULY appreciated and I've posted favorable reviews wherever I've seen opportunity to give praise.

    - Sean Sanders (www.woksfordinner.com)

  • Good comapny, effective response, fair price!

    - barry pruitt (pinnacle business concepts)