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  1. Amazon Flexible Payment System (FPS) Payment Module


    Accept payments via Amazon Flexible Payment System (FPS) directly from your shop. Customers can login with their Amazon accounts and pay via Amazon Payments.

    Amazon Flexible Payment System (FPS) Payment Module. Learn More
  2. OpenCart Store Locator Module

    OpenCart Store Locator Module - This module will use Google Maps API mark your stores on the map. User will be able to search for stores based on address or zip. Adm in can also bulk upload addresses as CSV. This video will give you a better idea of the working of the module: Learn More
  3. Email Template Tester


    A must have module to have perfect transactional emails. Ever wanted to see how your transactional emails would look like when they are received by the customer? At present, there is no way you could pre-fill a template with test values (like name, email, address, order details etc. using the Magento tokens) and send yourself a test email. The currently available Magento preview button only allows you to preview the template on the browser, whereas this module enables you to email a filled email template to an email address you enter. You can open it in your email client to see and verify how exactly it is going to look. This module eliminates the big embarrassment of having the client tell you about the missing or ill-formatted emails. See the Module in Action Learn More
  4. Magento Add Custom Billing or Shipping Address Validation

    Want to add custom validation to your billing or shipping address? Something like limit the Billing Address to 30 characters? Prevent special characters? We will do it for you! Learn More
  5. TrustCommerce Payment Module for Magento2 (


    Paystation( Payment Module for Magento. This is uses the single page checkout. The cost is inclusive of setting this up. Compatible with Magento (CE & EE) 2.1.x Learn More
  6. Magento2 Store Locator

    Magento2 Store Locator Store locator Magento module will enable you to enter multiple store locations of yours with specific details like address, latitude and longitude, trading hours etc, which the customer will be able to access from the footer link in your online shop. The resultant shop page will list your physical shop location details along with those locations marked in a Google Map. Learn More
  7. Block User - Magento® 2 Fraud Prevention Module.


    A recent study shows that one out of five online retailers are not taking online fraud seriously enough. Many are paying more than they should in chargeback fees due to fraud. Chargebacks are a major problem for online retailers and can impact and escalate in several ways. These include fines from the bank or payment provider which can lead to even higher fines imposed by exceeding the chargeback limit and, in a worst case scenario, a complete loss of online payment options, resulting in the loss of a business.  

    The majority of the chargeback frauds can be identified pretty easily by verifying the shipping address, email address or order origin IP. Another method is by identifying frequent chargeback requests from the same user or IP address, without any relevant reason. Once you find out a fraud transaction, the first and foremost step is to block that particular user or IP address from further making any order on your shop. This Block User Magento® module will help you with this.

    If you identify an order which you suspect is a fraud transaction, you can block that user from the order details page itself by clicking a button. Once blocked, the blocked user won't be able to login to the shop account using the same email address or even from the same IP. When they try to login, they will get a message to contact the shop administrators. If you want to unblock the user, you will be able to do that from the same page without much trouble. 


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  8. Magento® 2 Maintenance Mode IP Exemption in CIDR format


    Exclude several IPs during the maintenance mode using the popular CIDR format eg: Magento® 2's default maintenance mode allow us to exclude a collection of individual IP addresses such that the users originating from these IP addresses will be able to browse the site during the maintenance mode.

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  9. Update Order Email for Magento 2


    One major factor, which pushes customers to choose online shop over physical shop is the possibility of having their order details always available online. They can always login to their account and see their purchase history and in the case of downloadable products, get the updated version. But there are some cases where the customer may have a change in their email address or the item was purchased by a subordinate or client. In that case, they will require a change in the email address linked to an order and the account used for the order.

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