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  1. Amazon Flexible Payment System (FPS) Payment Module


    Accept payments via Amazon Flexible Payment System (FPS) directly from your shop. Customers can login with their Amazon accounts and pay via Amazon Payments.

    Amazon Flexible Payment System (FPS) Payment Module. Learn More
  2. OpenCart AmazonFPS Payment Module

    OpenCart AmazonFPS Payment Module Learn More
  3. Amazon AWS S3 Cloud Magento Backup & Restore


    Not up-to-date with your Magento Backup? Here is a simple module which will backup your files and database in to Amazon S3. Setup a CRON to take regular backups or login into the admin to backup with one click.

    Note:You must have an Amazon S3 account to use this module.

    Remember: All our modules come with FREE installation support and upgrades for Version 1.x!

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  4. SMTP Email Sender Module

    This module makes it easy for you to use Amazon EC2 SES Service as well as other third party SMTP services like SendGRid etc. Learn More
  5. Magento 2 S3 Cloud Backup


    Safegaurd your Magento 2 Shop! This is a perfect remote cloud backup companion to backup your entire shop in a perfectly stable working state.


    Schogini Certifications

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  6. Magento 2 Maintenance and DR (Disaster Recovery) Page Using Amazon Route53 and S3


    Use of this service lets you safely place your Magento 2 site in maintenance mode independent of the web server. You can take the server down, upgrade or do whatever you want without letting your end user see!!

    Schogini Certifications

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  7. 1 Hour Amazon AWS EC2 Training

    1 Hour Amazon AWS Training to learn how to setup a production quality Amazon AWS EC2 Cloud server environment. Learn More
  8. Magento Mission Critical Remote Cloud Backup/Restore Service

    Holiday season is popular with hackers too. Ensure your data is always backed up on Amazon Cloud & ready to restore anytime. Protect your Magento shop today! Learn More