Magento 2 S3 Cloud Backup

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Magento2 S3 Backup
This module is a must to safeguard your Magento 2 Shop! This is a perfect remote cloud backup companion to backup your entire shop in a perfectly stable working state.
This module can
- Take a snashot backup of Code, Database and Media locally after placing the site in maintenance mode
- Copies this snaphost to Amazon S3 Cloud Bucket

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Any shop or business running online is facing certain amount of risk. The risk of loosing data due to corrupted files, server crash, virus infection, hard drive failure etc. All these may cause your server/shop to become dead without much prior warning. What is the solution for this? The easiest and most important solution is to take regular backups of your whole system/shop. Now what will happen if you server is dead? For this you will have to take backup in another server. Currently, the best option is to backup your shop to cloud storage. This will reduce the risk of loosing your whole business as a whole when something happens unexpectedly. So it is a must to safeguard your business.   This S3 Cloud Backup Magento module will enable you to backup your entire shop in a perfectly stable working state to Amazon S3 cloud storage without any headache. When you run the backup from this module, it will put your site in maintenance mode and will take a snapshot backup of code, database and media of your shop locally and then will copy it to the Amazon S3 Cloud bucket you configured in the module. This way, you will have the ability to recover your shop, catalog, orders and customer data. Inorder to restore your shop, you just need to copy the backed up files to var/backup folder of your fresh Magento 2 installation and execute the setup:rollback Magento shell command. Its as simple as that.   


  • Backup code, media and DB to Amazon S3 Cloud.
  • Configure your S3 bucket credentials in a single file.
  • Execute a single command to backup your shop to Amazon S3 bucket.
  • Easy to use.

  Setup & Configuration:

  • Installing this module is simple. Unzip the module package and upload to your shop.
  • After completing setup and compile, you will find the module once you login to your shop admin.
  • Now edit the file app/code/Schogini/Cloudbackup/Command/config.php and enter your Amazon S3 credentials, which includes the AWS access key, secret key and the bucket name.
  • Inorder to perform a backup operation to S3, all you have to do is to execute the below command in the command line > php bin/magento schogini:cloudbackup
  • Confirm that there are no errors on your terminal.
  • This will backup your shop to the Amazon S3 bucket.

  This module helps you to backup your entire shop in a perfectly stable working state to cloud with a single command. 


How do I restore?

In case of a total server failure, you need to setup a fresh Magento 2 installation, copy and place the latest S3 backup files into the var/backup folder and issue a setup:rollback magento shell command.

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