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  1. Magento LinkPoint API Payment Module


    Magento FirstData payment module allows you to process credit card payments via FirstData within your shop (FirstData Global Payment API Version 3.0). FirstData was originally called LinkPoint.

    This module allows you to Authorize, Capture, Void and Refund via Magento admin.

    Magento FirstData API Payment Module (Originally LinkPoint) Learn More
  2. BIPS Bitcoin Payment Module for Magento


    Accept Bitcoin payments on your shop now!

    BIPS is one of the largest bitcoin payment solution providers. BIPS operates as a Payment Service Provider (PSP) for Merchants and acquirers bitcoin payments for consumers and merchants.

    Note: You must have a BIPS account before you purchase this module

    Learn More
  3. First Data Global Gateway e4 Web Service API Payment Module with TransArmor for Magento

    The First Data Global Gateway e4℠ web service API is a web service that allows third-party applications to process transactions through the Global Gateway e4℠ system. The range of processing scenarios (Purchase, Refund, Pre-Authorization, etc.) enable flexible and powerful ways to implement custom business logic. NOTE: This module does not store card details on the shop. It uses TransArmor to manage credit card information. TransArmor allows you to have the 'card on file' feature. This means your customer can choose to pay with the previous card entered and not re-type the card info. Easier and faster checkout means more business to you! Even the administrator can use this feature to create orders via the Admin interface.
    Learn More
  4. Plug n Pay with Mercury Gift Cards Payment Module for Magento

    One module that allows you to Accept credit card payments using Plug n Pay + Sell/Redeem Gift Cards via Mercury Payments, directly from your shop! Learn More
  5. Amazon AWS S3 Cloud Magento Backup & Restore


    Not up-to-date with your Magento Backup? Here is a simple module which will backup your files and database in to Amazon S3. Setup a CRON to take regular backups or login into the admin to backup with one click.

    Note:You must have an Amazon S3 account to use this module.

    Remember: All our modules come with FREE installation support and upgrades for Version 1.x!

    Learn More
  6. 1-Click Magento Shop Clone


    Want to create a working clone of your current Magento shop in just 1-click? This is a module that does exactly that!


    • Create a browse-able clone/replica of your current shop in just 1 click
    • Both files and database will be cloned
    • Since, the clone is browse-able and an exact replica of the live shop - test new modules or changes in the replica before making it live!

    Note: To clone to a new database the module will assume that the MySQL user you used while installing Magento has permission to create new database & tables

    Remember: All our modules come with FREE installation support and upgrades for Version 1.x!

    See the Module in Action Learn More
  7. SMTP Email Sender Module

    This module makes it easy for you to use Amazon EC2 SES Service as well as other third party SMTP services like SendGRid etc. Learn More
  8. Magento Payeezy First Data Payment Gateway Module - Validated by Payeezy / FirstData


    Connect Payeezy First Data Global Gateway to your Magento Shop! Validated by First Data.

    Create an easy customer experience with Payeezy Gateway provided by First Data.

    The Payeezy eCommerce Solution helps businesses like yours create a smart and simple online store that opens new avenues for growth.


    • Supports Authorize, Capture, Purchase, Void & Refund
    • Can place orders via the Magento Admin area
    • Compatible with Magento versions 1.7.x - 1.9.x

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you purchase this module kindly confirm that you have the correct merchant account. Please click here to learn more.

    Learn More
  9. Magento Hosting & Shop Set Up

    Highly reliable, scalable and high performance hosting. Learn More
  10. Magento Checkout Restriction Module


    Magento Checkout Restriction Module

    With the help of our Custom Magento Checkout Restriction Module,  Admin can set certain restrictions for the checkout process, and customers will be able to checkout only after meeting those restrictions

    This module enables Admin to set restriction based on SKU and price. For example if the product SKU is “Levi-Jeans-36-Green" and Total price should be greater than 69 $.

    Schogini Certifications

    Learn More

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