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Here is a very handy module that lets you do the impossible! Being a Magento® shop owner/admin have you ever wanted to login as one of your customers to see how the customer portal interface, order details etc looked like? Normally such a login is impossible unless you ask your customer for the password or you yourself reset it.
This module when installed will add Login As Buttons/links in the customer details and customer list admin interface. All it takes to login as a customer is to click this button or link.

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For an online shop, one of the most important thing is to keep the customers happy. An important step towards this is to be able to resolve any issues that they face in your shop faster and with minimal interactions. Most of the time, you will have to login as your customer to see the issue that they are facing. For this, usually you will have to get the login details from the customer, which is an added inconvenience to the customer along with the trust/security issues.
This Login As Customer Magento® module will make life easy for you. You will be able to attend to your customers with minimal back and forth communications and also be able to save your time. This module enables you to login as your customer from the customer listing page or customer details page itself. Now you don't have to ask for the login details from your customer or do the circus of getting the credentials from the customer database. You will be able to login as any of your customer in a single click.
  • Login as any customer by a single click from the customer listing page or the customer details page.
  • You will be logged in as your customer in a new tab.
  • Previously logged in user on your browser will be logged out automatically before logging in another user.
  • No additional configurations required.
  • Easy to user
Setup & Configuration:
  • Installing this module is simple. Unzip the module package and upload to your shop.
  • After completing setup and compile, you will find the module once you login to your shop admin.
  • In the admin, go to the customer listing page and you will see one more column "Login As Customer" with Login button in the customer grid. Click the Login button in the same row as that of the customer you want to login as. You will be logged in as that customer in a new tab in your browser.
  • You can also use the "Login As Customer" button in the customer details page to login as that customer.
  • That's it.
This module helps you to serve your customers at a faster rate without disturbing them needlessly, thereby keeping them happy. 


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Compatible Versions 2.0.x, 2.1.x
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