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Dynamically create fully deployable Magento payment modules in no time

This Magento Payment Module Creator can be used as a starting point to build your own custom payment module for Magento. It can accept credit card information, authorize it when an order is submitted and save the transaction id in the order payment record etc. and more.

Instruction on how to install and/or troubleshoot a generated magento payment module.

Put your module in the app/code/local folder.
Make sure your that the company's and module's first letters are capitalized. If your module is not showing in configuration->Payment methods

  • Make sure you clear the cache.
  • Check your config.xml file.

If your module shows in the list of modules (configuration>advanced) but not in the Payment Methods, your problem is probably in system.xml. In this system.xml file we create options for this payment method. These options you will see in admin section under payment method, also if you need additional variables you can add them.

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