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  • 3 Tickets (max 2 hrs each)
  • 8 hr Response Time
  • Validity 30 days
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
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    • 6 Tickets (max 2 hrs each)
    • 6 hr Response Time
    • Validity 30 days
    • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
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    $446 99 mo.

    • 20 Tickets (max 2 hrs each)
    • 5 hr Response Time
    • Validity 30 days
    • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
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    Setup & Migration



    Additional Technology Support for all your Magento needs!

    Automated Amazon S3 Backup Safeguard your data!

    Murphy's law says: "If anything can go wrong, it will!"

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    Automated Shop Up Watchdog Always keep an eye!

    Before your customers detect an issue, let us use technology to ensure that your shop is always up!

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    Enterprise Git Version Control Setup Push changes from dev shop to live

    This system is ideal for shops that maintain a development & live version of their shop. Once the development activities are tested and confirmed, you can push it to the live shop with just one command.


    • 2 Shops - development & live
    • Git version of the development shop
    • Versioning of files & database
    • Rollback to previous versions
    • Push changes from development shop to live
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    Magento Optimized EC2 Hosting Guaranteed speed boost for your shop

    Schogini leverages the power of Amazon to provide the Best Magento ecommerce hosting service. Our Magento optimized hosting plans are ideal for any Magento shop that wants stability, scalability and speed. We have dedicated Magento hosting solutions for your online shop - from small to medium & large.

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