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Magento Admin Module FAQ Frequently Asked Admin Module Questions

All our modules come with free support and upgrades. Let us know and we will send you an updated versions ASAP.
Please confirm these points:

* If, cache is enabled then, clear the cache

* If, your Magento has compile enabled then, remember to re-compile
(System > Tools > Compilation > Re-run compilation)

* Ensure that you have a file Schogini_[Modulename].xml in your [magento root]/app/etc/modules/ folder

This error usually occurs when you have compilation enabled for Magento.
When compilation is enabled then, you must remember to re-compile after installing a new module.
To re-compile go to: System > Tools > Compilation > Re-run compilation
This error is because you will need admin permission to browse that page. You have to login as admin to view that page.

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