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Magento Migration FAQ Frequently Asked Magento Migration Questions

No, the migration will happen in a staging server and will only be made live after extensive testing. The current store will be live and transactional.
The following items will be migrated.

  • Products
  • Product Images
  • Attributes
  • Attribute Sets
  • Categories
  • Category Images
  • Customers
  • Customer Groups
  • Customer Shipping Address
  • Customer Billing Address
  • Orders
  • Order Statuses
  • Order Products
  • Currencies
  • Manufacturers
  • Taxes
  • Reviews

The time required for migration will depend on the amount of data to be migrated. Factors like number of product images, multiple translations, number of attributes and attribute sets, number of custom modules installed etc will also affect the time required for migration.
The following data will not be migrated.
  • Newsletter Queue
  • Backups
  • Compilation
  • Notifications
Yes. Equivalent custom modules will be installed.

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