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Magento Payment Module FAQ Frequently Asked Payment Module Questions

For security reasons, we manually verify every order before we ship them.
All orders are cleared within 24 hours.
Usually it means that the port through which the payment gateway communicates with the shop is closed. Please ensure that these ports are open for these payment gateways. You will need to contact your Webhost and ask them to open outbound traffic on the following ports.

1. FirstData or LinkPoint: port 1129

2. PSiGate: port 7989 (for port 7934 (for

All our modules come with free support and upgrades. Let us know and we will send you an updated versions ASAP.
This error usually occurs when you have compilation enabled for Magento.
When compilation is enabled then, you must remember to re-compile after installing a new module.
To re-compile go to: System > Tools > Compilation > Re-run compilation
Please confirm these points:

* If, cache is enabled then, clear the cache

* If, your Magento has compile enabled then, remember to re-compile
(System > Tools > Compilation > Re-run compilation)

* Ensure that you have a file Mage_[Payment Method].xml in your [magento root]/app/etc/modules/ folder

To refund directly from your Magento backend, go to the order details page and click on the invoice you want to refund.

On this page you will see the “Credit Memo” link – click this link and you will see the “Refund Online” or “Refund” button next to the “Refund Offline” button.

If, you go directly to the credit memo page, instead of via the invoice, you will only see the “Refund Offline” button.

If, you are using Magento version 1.4.x then, this could be because your current theme is not compatible with the version of Magento you are using.

Follow the steps in this link to check if, your theme is compatible:

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