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Magento Backup

Category: Magento 1.9

A backup strategy is an essential part of every business’s disaster recovery plan. While most web hosting companies will keep a backup of your data, its much safer to have multiple backups and keep them at different locations. Same is the case with Magento backup.

The process of taking a full Magento backup is straight forward. The most common and easiest way of doing this is using the Magento control panel.

You will see the Magento backup options for your shops under the System > Tools > Backups menu in your admin control panel.

There are 3 options available in this section. They are :

  • System Backup : This option is used to take a full backup of your Magento shop. It will create a tar archive that comprises of the Magento store, data dump and package.
  • Database and Media Backup : This option will backup the contents of media folder along with the database dump. But other folder or assets will not be backed up.
  • Database Backup : This option will take a back up of you database.

Magento backup using control panel provides you with the option to rollback to a particular version. You will be provided with a list of backups and the roll back option for each.

The Magento backup files (tar archives) will be stored in the folder [yourshoplocation]/var/backups/


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