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Magento Bundle Product Overview

Category: Magento 1.9

Bundle product is one of the several product types available with Magento. As the name suggests, it is a bundle of products. Magento bundle product is a separate, single entry into products catalog, but it consists of many products.

A Magento bundle product type should be used for a bundle of simple or virtual products, which are not to be sold separately. For example, a customer buys some consumer electronics from your shop and you want to provide 1 year warranty for the same. You will be able to bundle the warranty for the item as a product along with the electronic product. This can be priced or free based on your specification.

Here are the basic steps to create a Magento bundle product :

  • Go to the Catalog > Manage Products > Add Product menu in your Magento admin panel.
  • In the resulting page, after selecting the attribute set for the product, you will see the option to choose the “Product Type”. Here select "Bundle product" and click the Continue button.
  • Under the “General” tab of Product Information, there are a couple of differences when compared to simple products. These involve the drop-down menu option for the SKU and Weight options. The values in this drop-down menu will be Dynamic and Fixed. The SKU option cannot be blank irrespective of whether it is Dynamic or Fixed. On the other hand, if the Weight option is Dynamic, then you can leave that field empty. If you choose the fixed option, then the weight in the field will be applied to the bundle no matter what items the customer selects.
  • Under the "Prices" tab of Product Information, the Price section can have Dynamic or Fixed price options. Apart from that, the Price View section contains the option to select the price range.
  • The Manage Stock and Quantity sections under the "Inventory" tabs are not editable. But make sure that you make the Stock Availability to "In Stock".
  • You will see a tab called "Bundle Items". This is the place where you will add the products/items to be bundled. You can choose the shipment option to be Separate or Together. Use the "Add New Option" button to create new options in the bundle and "Add Selection" button to add products to the option.

Save the product and your Magento bundle product is now ready for sales.


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