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Magento Configurable Product Overview

Category: Magento 1.9

Magento is a highly powerful content management system for e-commerce web sites. It has various product types tailored for various types of products that can be sold online. One such product type is the Magento configurable product.

A Magento configurable product type should be selected for a product if that product can have specific selectable variations. For example, think about shoes. If you are selling shoes online, then the customer should have the option to select the size or color(in some cases) of the shoes that they are purchasing.

Here are the basic steps to create a Magento configurable product :

  • Adding attributes : You will have to add attributes that will be configurable by your customers such as color or size. Under the “Manage Label / Options” section, you will be able to add various options for your attributes.
  • Adding attribute set : Next you will have to create attribute set by adding the configurable attributes that you created for your configurable product.
  • Creating Magento configurable product : Once the attribute set is ready, you can create a new product of type “configurable product” in your Magento store. Make sure to use the attribute set you created during the previous step.
  • Creating individual simple products : Now you will have to create individual simple products, which will act as the products for different variations of the configurable product.
  • Add associated products : Next step is to add the individual simple products as associated products to the configurable product. You can either browse for the simple product or use the “Quick simple product creation” section to add there itself.

Save the product and your Magento configurable product is now ready for sales. Don’t forget to enable the product and add stock so that the product is visible in your shop for customers to buy.


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