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Magento Coupon Codes - Overview

Category: Magento 1.9

Magento provides the option to shop admin to create and maintain coupon codes. Magento coupon creation is not so difficult and highly configurable. Here are the steps that need to be followed ignored to create a Magento coupon.

  • Login to your Magento admin backend.
  • Go to Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules menu.
  • In the resultant page you will see a list of existing rules. Press the “Add New Rule” button to create a new rule.
  • Under “Rule Information”, give the following information:
    • A name for your rule
    • Make sure the status is active
    • Select the website as your Main Website
    • Select the Customer Groups you need to enable this rule for
    • Select “Specific Coupon” under the “Coupon” section.
    • Give a coupon code of your liking or enable “Use Auto Generation” option under “Coupon Code”.
    • Set the number of usage for the coupon as a whole and per customer
    • Set the start and end date for the coupon to be available.
  • Under “Conditions”, you can choose to add conditions that are to be met in order for the rule to be applied.
  • Under “Actions”, you can set the following:
    • whether to apply percentage, fixed amount or offer discount
    • provide the discount amount based on the above section
    • if you want the discount to only apply to a particular product, you can apply the rule here with the SKU of the product.
  • Under “Labels”, you will be able to give the labels to be displayed for the discount along with options for adding specific labels for different store views.

Now press the save button and your Magento coupon rule is ready. When the user uses this Magento coupon in the front end, if the conditions you created are met, then the discount will be applied.

Otherwise, it will show an error message saying the coupon code is not valid.


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