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Magento Custom Options Overview

Category: Magento 1.9

Magento provides a unique feature to implement customisation options for a simple product. These Magento custom options can make a simple Magento product into a highly sophisticated product. Yet it is pretty simple to manage in the backend.

Here are to steps to follow to create Magento custom options for a product.

  • Login to your Magento admin backend.
  • Go to Catalog > Manage Products menu.
  • In the resultant page you can either create a simple product or edit an existing one.
  • In the product edit page, go to the “Custom Options” tab under “Product Information”.
  • Use the “Add New Option” button to add new custom options.
  • In the resultant page, you will have to set the following
    • give a title for the custom option
    • select the type of input from the provided list
    • add a price and price type for the option along with SKU and type specific options.

Save the product.

Now when your customer views this product, they will see an additional option where they can enter the text to be engraved.

This is how Magento custom options work.


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