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Magento Product Import

Category: Magento 1.9

It is difficult and inconvenient to add large number of products, after the Magento store is configured. Inserting products one by one consumes long time especially when you have hundreds or thousands of products. In such cases you need an automatic way to add all those products to your Magento online store. We will address all steps you need to take in order to achieve a successful import.

First, access your Magento administrator backend and go to Catalog -> Manage Categories.

Create all product categories you will need. You can do so by filling the form displayed below:

When you fill the form with all the information you like click the Save Category button

Bear in mind that at this point you should make note of the newly created category ids. It would be best to save them in a simple text file as you will need them for the import.

The category ID will be displayed upon saving the category. It is recommended to make notes as shown below

If you plan to have additional attributes for the products you are importing you will need to create those via

Catalog ->Attributes ->Manage Attributes -> Add new Attribute. You can use this functionality to add all custom attributes that are not present by default in a standard Magento installation.

Note also that you can add additional attributes later at the moment you are creating a sample product. It is up to you whether to create the attributes before that or at the point you are creating the first product.

The next step is to manually add a product to your Magento installation. You will later export this product and use it as a template for importing the large batch. Make sure you include all attributes you will use for the products you are going to import in the sample product. You might want to delete all default products that might be present as you will not need them and then create the new product you will use as a template for the import.

Once you create the new product and save it it will appear in the products list for your Magento store.


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