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Magento Table Rates: How to Set Up Table Rate Shipping

Category: Magento 1.9

Lets see how to set up table rate shipping in Magento, allowing you to charge different shipping rates to customers based on their location - from the region up to the postcode level.

There are 3 ways of setting up table rates, all depending on the shipping address (destination).

  1. price vs. destination
  2. weight vs. destination
  3. number of items vs. destination

Enable Table Rate Shipping

  • Login as Admin > System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods
  • Enable the shipping method and fill in all the fields. Pay attention to the 'Condition' field. This decides the type of table rate as explained before

Setup the rates

The shipping rates have to be setup for each website.

  • Login as Admin > System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods
  • In the "Current Configuration Scope" drop down that you see on the top left, select Main Website (if, you have multiple websites you can select them).
  • You will now notice some additional fields "Export" & "Import". Magento needs you to upload a CSV file with the conditions & shipping rates.
  • First, click "Export CSV" to download the excel. This will help you know the format that Magento expects the CSV to be. For example, if the table rate type is "price vs destination" then, the CSV will look like this.

    A quick overview of each column in the CSV
    1. (Country) The country for which the shipping rate will be applicable.
    2. (Region/State) The region in the country for which the shipping rate will be applicable.
    3. (Zip/Postal Code) The specific postcodes in the region for which the shipping rate will be applicable.
    4. (Order Subtotal (and above)) Since, we have selected "price vs destination" this, column will be used to decide the price cut. This price will be in the base currency of the selected website
    5. (Shipping Price) This is the shipping price to add when all the conditions are met. Remember, the currency will be the base currency of the website selected

    Entering * value for the country, region or postal code column means its appplicable to all. For example, in our CSV our rates are applicable to all regions & postal codes in the Jamaican country.

Use the "Import" field to import this CSV and then, save. Your shipping table rates are now set and will appear during checkout.


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