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Magento Tier Price

Category: Magento 1.9

Adding quantity and customer group based pricing in Magento is really a walk in the park.

This option for the admin to add different price for the same product based on the quantity and customer is called Magento tier price.

Here are the steps using which you can add price tiers to a Magento product :

  • Login to your Magento admin backend.
  • Go to Catalog > Manage Products menu.

  • If you want to create a new product then do so. Otherwise edit the product to which you want to add the price tier for.
  • Select the “Prices” tab of “Product Information”.

  • Here you will see under the “Prices” section one “Add Tier” button. This is used to add the price tier.

  • Once you click the “Add Tier” button, you will see the options to select website, customer group, quantity and price. Enter the values that you want to add the price tier for. You can add multiple price tiers.

  • Save your product once the price tiers are added.

Now different price tiers are ready for your product.

Now if you go to the product listing page of your Magento shop front-end, you will see the “Price Low As” option. This denotes the price for the lowest price tier.

If you go to the product listing page, you will see the price tiers listed.

You can add the quantity to the be added. Based on the quantity and your price tier, the product price will be calculated in the Shopping Cart.

This is how to work with Magento tier price.


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