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Magento Uptime MonitorVer 1.0

iOS application for Magento shop uptime monitor

Magento Uptime Monitor

Your online Magento shop could be your life-line! Here is an innovative iOS app created by Schogini's team at our state-of-the-art ecommerce lab just for you.

This application comes in two parts, one a Magento authentcation module and the other an iOS app for Apple's iPhone, iPad etc. In inorder to use the app, you need to first install the Magento admin module to your shop and activate it and enter the security credential. Now, install and start the iOS app, read the QR Code shown at the back-end to establish communication to the app from the Magento. Now, the app and your Magento shop can communicate! Just press the "Refresh" button from the app anytime you wish to know the status of your Magento Shop, like the load, uptime etc.

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