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Magento2 Mercury Payments Gift Card

Category: Magento2

Mercury Payments is a well known credit card processing company that gives merchants various options to process credit cards online. Mercury Payments has come up with an amazing system that allows their merchants to sell physical and/or virtual Gift Cards directly from their ecommerce website. This gives their merchants the power to allow customers to purchase & redeem Gift Cards virtually.

Schogini, has been working closely with Mercury Payments for a few years and we instantly realized the potential of combining these two services. Schogini harnessed the power of Mercury Payments Gift Card & Credit Card processing services and developed a Magento module that will allow merchants to not only sell Gift Cards but, also allow their customers to split order payment between Gift and Credit Card. This gives merchants on the Magento platform a huge leverage in customer retention & loyalty.

Features of this module:

  1. Allow customers to split payment between Gift Card & Credit Card
  2. Allow customers to purchase Gift Cards online
  3. Allow customers to check their Gift Card balance anytime, online
  4. Merchant can see the list of Gift Cards purchased via the admin
  5. Customers can see the list of Gift Cards they have purchased through the online shop via their login
  6. Merchant can load money into and existing Gift Card


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