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Schogini Systems Pvt Ltd is a product R&D company that designs, creates and delivers e-Commerce modules and intelligent gaming & other mobile apps. Schogini has a unique team with one of the first Magento Certified Developer+ and Zend PHP5 Certified Engineer.Our expertise also lies in Physics, 2D and Game Center/Multi-Player based Apps. We have the experience in Apple app development from the beginning of the iPhone era. We are one of the largest Apple app developers in the world with over 450 live apps in the app market for iPhone and iPad. Apple’s app market is called app store and itunes.

We are also MFI licensed, which is the license from Apple for developing hardware interface for IOS devices. This shows our electronic capability along with our app development capability. Our expertise in Apple app development ranges from education apps like Pre School to highly sophisticated strategy games like Khet with artificial intelligence and multiplayer capability. We have also created IOS apps for the upliftment of mankind. Our “Eye-Hear” app is a first of its kind app, which will help the blind or visually challenged people to see the world using sound. This app will detect colors, shapes, lines etc and will convert those to sound which can be understood by people. This app will even convert a picture taken using the camera to sound.

Award Winning Khet Laser Game App by Schogini (cross platform multiplayer) KHET created by Schogini.
See our Altruicity app was the finalist at NYC Big Apps 2012

Schogini can deliver Iphone, Ipad, Android, Windows Phone and eCommerce applications. Schogini has been recognized by top experts and personalities as one of the best companies in the world in its industry Schogini is the first and only company with more than 450+ live mobile apps in the locations the matter (iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone) With experienced developers across all platforms – iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry, we are able to create innovative mobile apps quickly. Our clients are both big and small companies. Some of its most important clients are, Nescafe, Watch My Health, Sylvania, Kenya Airways, KLM, The Art Of Living, Bristol - Myers Squibb and many others.

We can deliver high quality apps on any mobile platform. We are always the best at what we do!

Business & Marketing Apps

There are various kinds of business and advertising applications for the iphones and the ipads. These applications are very useful for the marketing professionals. They can keep track of market share and profit margins of their companies. This helps them to make a wise business decision for their company.

Entertainment & Multimedia Apps

The apple application development offers a wide range of multimedia and entertainment solutions to meet the requirements of various companies which are context knowledge, hyper interactivity and mobility. These high end multimedia applications can also be available for the tablet devices as well.

Social Networking Apps

The apple app development also provides secure, advanced and scalable solutions for browsing social networking sites with an enormous degree of productivity.

RLC Calculator App : Ranked in Top Apps for Electrical Engineers, 2014

Schogini’s Educational App – RLC Calculator – is featured in ‘The Digital ToolBox for Electric Engineers: 101 Top Apps’, by Electrical Engineering Schools.

Augmented Reality App: NYC Big Apps 2012

One of our unique augmented reality apps was one of the finalist in the NYC Big Apps Competition in the year 2012.

Appathon Award 2011

Our intern from UK, Mr. Unmesh Gangadharan who was introduced apathon2 into the world of mobile programming by Schogini has won the best Android app award and was appreciated by the UK PM David Cameroon.

Special Recognition By UN Representative​

Schogini participated in the exhibition on Disaster Managment called Surakshaayanam in the year 2012 organized by the Land and Revenue Management and Schogini stall was adjudged the fourth best stall by UN representative.

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