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Requirements Study

First and foremost, we will need to identify the exact requirements from a non-technical perspective. This will help us set the expectations right at the start of the process and help us make accurate technical and effort estimations.

Effort Estimation

Effort estimation is the area where we explore these options. If there is a module that meets the features available readily in the market place, we may suggest you to opt for it instead of re-inveting the wheel again and eliminate unecessary cost and time. Else, we will let you know the cost and time needed for development.

Iterative Development

We will use an iterative development cycle where you too will be able to be in the loop and see the module in action and give feedback then and there. This will ensure that the final module works exactly the way you have envisaged.

Some of Our Popular Magento Custom Modules

Favourites Menu

Shop administrator must have! Easily organize commonly used menus under a single menu for quick access anytime.

1 Click Shop Clone

A developer must have! This module will copy both the files and the database into a subfolder to give you a URL to a completely functional clone of your shop.

Login As Customer

This module lets you login as any customer and view every area of the shop just as the customer would see - including the Order History and My Account.

Email Template Tester

Double check your Magento transactional email template by sending test emails! This module will replace the template variables with valid data from your shop.

Amazon S3 Backup

Backup your files and database to Amazon S3. Setup a CRON to take regular backups or login into the admin to backup with 1 click.

Reset Download Count

Reset a customer's product download count directly from the Magento order admin page. A handy module to quickly add or remove downloads for a customer!

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