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OpenERP is a powerful platform with a wide range of modules to streamline your business processes

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In order to succeed, we will take you through a well laid out plan of implementation which will include these major stages.

  1. Process Preparation
  2. Configuration
  3. Customizing Extensions
  4. Data Migration
  5. Final Testing and Preparation
  6. Going Live
  7. Support and Maintenance

Implementing an ERP system within your organization has these immediate benefits.

  1. Increases organizational transparency, accountability and responsibility
  2. Decision making becomes more accurate and faster
  3. Reduce cost by reaching out to more vendors and get more competitive bids
  4. Improved customer response
  5. Saves enormous time and effort in data entry
  6. Lower risk of mis-utilization of resources
  7. Uniform reporting, according to global standards

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