Services Offered by Schogini

Magento Shop Setup

This option is for companies who are moving from a hosted platform or starting up from scratch. It’s an affordable way to move to the Magento platform and grow your business until its ready to be upgraded to the Magento Enterprise platform.

Price Range: 8500 USD - 15000 USD

  • Up to 25000 SKUs
  • Shop Setup
  • Simple design or template
  • Magento Community Platform
  • Magento CMS
  • Custom attributes need to be created for products
  • Migration to host
  • 3 months shop maintenance support

Items that will increase price:

  • Customer Groups
  • Custom Product types (downloadable products)
  • Integration with drop shippers
  • Custom scripts and cron jobs

Magento Shop Maintenance

This option is for companies who are already established on Magento and need assistance in maintaining the shop. A great way to get an experienced team to support you without the overhead of additional staff.

Price Range: 650 USD per month

  • Product Management
  • Shop Configuration Management
  • CMS Page Management
  • Theme Blocks Management
  • New Module Installation

Magento High Speed Cloud Hosting with Varnish + Redis